Role: UX research, UX design

Tools: Invision, Paper Prototypes, Figma, InDesign, Photoshop

Methods: Structured interviews, affinity diagramming, journey mapping, personas, storyboards, rapid prototyping


In this project I worked with a small team challenged with finding a way for students, staff, parents, and teachers to easily and safely capture information and report school safety concerns to authorities. In response to this challenge, my team conducted user research and created an interface design for a mobile app to combat high school bullying. 

Lookout is a mobile app with an optional recording device that can be attached to the users clothes. The wearable hypothetically can recognize and react to incidents in the environment through a machine learning classifier. The wearable takes inputs but does not share information to any outside users. It's purpose is purely for detection and sending prompts to users. For example, if the user or someone nearby is using language reminiscent of bullying, the detector pushes a message to the student to inform them about their choice of language, or if necessary suggests actions to students to find help. Additionally, Lookout allows students to anonymously take and send photos or messages about school safety issues or bullying incidents to school administrators. 


6 High School Students

1 School Librarian

1 Parent


Journey Maps

Key Insights

  •  Students are their own best support system. Relatability is incredibly important for them to open up and feel that someone understands.

  • The stated leading cause of bullying is that the students are desensitized to issues and signs of problems. This can lead to a lack of communication and not speaking up.


Visioning Scenarios


Story Boards




Paper Prototyping










Iterative Design


A mobile app for students to report incidents at school