Dungeon Data

I've long been a game enthusiast, and this is my first attempt at making an educational ​game for exploratory data analysis. If you are familiar with the brilliant game Papers, Please, you may notice a striking resemblance! The underlying mechanics of Papers, Please seemed perfect for my game idea. Players examine researchers documents and search for discrepancies in orc researcher's methods, graphs, or use of terminology. 

The dungeon theme comes from my memories of the game Dungeon Keeper. I always loved the idea of a dungeon that needs to be managed in mundane ways. Thus was born the "exciting" day to day life of the dungeon Institutional Review Board.

Potato Famine

Potato Famine started as a joke idea for a board game that soon began developing into a riveting historical game of blight survival. Currently in early stages of design. 

Can you survive the blight?

Coming soon (or eventually)!

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Design of Educational Games - Spring 2017

Tools and Languages:

GameMaker Studio 2


Cognitive task analysis, interviews, paper prototyping, play testing